Lick Creative’s Group Creative Director Stuart Button is in The Drum Network “Charity Special” this month!

In the feature, titled “Stop Avoiding the Issue” he’s talking about UK charities and the over-reliance of the “Personal Gain” approach as a promotional tool, as well as the role marketing plays in shifting people’s mentality. Click here to read Stuart’s response, and to grab yourself a copy of this month’s magazine click here!

The Drum Network Issue: Charity

This Charity issue takes a look at the Oxfam and Presidents Club scandals and how marketing should be used to rectify the charities. Agencies deliberate if these incidents will have a domino effect on the industry and how the charity sector can be salvaged, offering expert advice on important techniques, such as storytelling, digital innovation and funding. From short-term guilt trips to effective marketing, this charity issue covers why charities haven’t evolved with other industries and how to bring them to life for the modern generation. Can the charity sector can be salvaged before it is too late?