Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures: World War Z at Cannes Film Festival

Paramount Pictures invited Delta to the Cannes Film Festival to create a stand out cross-medium campaign for their upcoming film, World War Z.

Using the famous Carlton Hotel in Cannes as a centre point, a faux safe zone concept was developed utilising both traditional print, 3D structural work and high-end video screen technology to make sure that the message got out: “When the invasion comes, and it will – this is the safest place to be.”

Equipped with 6 HD screens broadcasting “live” updates and a streaming news feed ticker tape, the porch of the Carlton became the hub for public information. Meanwhile, a 13 metre screen nearby displayed a digital countdown, creating a sense of anticipation amongst the Cannes crowds. This was the first ever large-format digital screen to be used for promotion during the Cannes Festival, and set a precedent for subsequent festivals.

January 2, 2014 | Our Work