The Top 30 Elements of Value

When consumers evaluate a product or service, they tend to focus on two things: firstly, price and secondly it’s perceived value. However the brand manufacturing, and the marketers promoting, the product/service tend to focus much of their time and energy on the price-side of the equation. Why? Because it’s far easier to manager and evaluate its impact, with a rise in profits immediately leading to a boost in profits. However understanding what consumers ‘value’ is essential when it comes to improving offerings and designing new products!

Bain Research have put together a handy interactive infographic, identifying 30 different “Elements of Value” that are key when considering how to market your product. These elements have then been split into four categories: functional, emotional, life changing and social impact.

Click on the picture to check out all the different elements, and even have a go at identifying which ones you offer!

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October 17, 2017 | Blog

Explore the Elements of Value (Bain Research)