The Rise of Mobile Communications and What It Means For Retail (The Drum)

Mark Sibborn, Managing Director of Delta’s dedicated connected shopper agency, Lick Creative, has written a feature on the rise of mobile communications and the implication this has for the retail industry for the Drum! Check out a snippet from the feature here:

3 December 1992. Memorable date? For some, yes – it was the first time a text message was sent over mobile network. An incredible achievement at the time, however what wasn’t anticipated was how Neil Papwell’s simple “Merry Christmas” text 25 years ago would change the world.

Today, streaming one of Netflix’s 5,000+ shows while on a beach in Australia is passé. By 2020 there will be 50bn connected devices using the latest mobile technology – the 4th generation (4G).

So, the question we always ask is, “what’s next?”

By 2021 the 5th generation platform (5G) will be fully operable and widespread. 5G gives download speeds of 10,000Mbps – 4G in the UK maxes out at 28Mbps. This is when smart cities and a fully networked society become a reality.

Let’s throw in another term; massive machine communications. Basically, this means all those 50bn devices talking to each other, seamlessly, at light speed. The eventuality of this will be Artificial Intelligence and machine learning far beyond what we know today.

OK, all very interesting. But what does it mean to the retail world?

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November 29, 2017 | Blog