Latest Investments in our Print Capabilities

The Delta Group have purchased a HP Indigo 20,000, to enhance our offering to clients.

The new press gives Delta the capability to print on flexible packaging, labels, and shrink sleeves on film or paper of 10-250µm. The machine’s capabilities not only provide Delta with the opportunity to print on packaging, but its speed and collation gives us a remarkable ability to provide agile timeframes for production. The Indigo’s collation capabilities mean that we can increase a company’s speed to market by days across certain campaigns, saving around 50 hours staff time in the picking and packing department during a promotion for 500 sites.

The machine not only can save time at the end of the process but it can also reduce waste and cost along the way. Chief operating officer Martin Shipp said “We treat it a bit like a B1 press. If you print two items on a B1 sheet and you need a thousand of one and 750 of the other, 250 will go in the bin. Now we can print the exact amount and because of the productivity of this press we’ll be able to reduce our price point we’re very pleased with the print quality too, it’s incredible.”

September 6, 2016 | Blog