OK Google: how can you help innovate the shopper experience? (The Drum)

Mark Sibborn, Managing Director of Delta’s dedicated connected shopper agency, Lick Creative, has written a feature on voice activation and the future of retail for the Drum! The article, titled “OK Google: how can you help innovate the shopper experience?”, discusses the power and influence of technology in retail, and how in the (not so distant) future the retail industry will look towards voice activation as a way of better connecting with their customers. Check out a snippet from the feature here:

You are watching Sense 8 on Netflix and hear a track in a nightclub scene you love. No idea what it is? Pause, scan back and pull out your Shazam enabled device.

Awesome – it was Phantom Studies by Marcel Dettmann. Open in Spotify and play on my Sonos? Yes please, and while you are at it add it to my workout playlist and send that to my friends…

OK, maybe I geeked out there too much for you. But this isn’t science fiction – this was last week. Could I have imagined that 5 years ago? Nope. Am I an always-on Gen Z type? Unfortunately not, but I still get it.

Now take an imaginary leap – not too far – maybe a few months hence. You are watching the same episode; Lito (you know, “the closeted telenovela star” as Wikipedia so eloquently puts it) is wearing an amazing shirt. You think: “I want that for tomorrow night.”

What do you do? How about you say: “OK Google, where can I find the shirt Lito is wearing in the rooftop scene Episode 7 Sense 8.” Seconds later your Google Home device locates a shirt your size, in H&M in your town. It gives you the distance to the store, opening times and asks if you want reserve one in your size. It does this!

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October 23, 2017 | Blog