Disney: ‘Pete’s Dragon’ VR Experience

For Disney’s release of ‘Pete’s Dragon’, Delta and Lick teamed up to create a show-stopping experiential event in Westfield White City.

We created a double-sided experience for kids to enjoy, that included a virtual reality experience on one side and a photo opportunity on the other. The innovative virtual reality experience which centered on a magical ride on Elliot (Pete’s dragon) through a mountain range. And the opposite side to the VR experience was a green screen section, where children could have their picture taken and superimposed onto Elliott.

This was the first time that a VR experience has been used in conjunction with the launch of a film in the UK.

We recorded an average daily footfall of 724 for the photo opportunity side and an average 847 users of the VR unit daily.

October 4, 2016 | Our Work