Delta has the Midas Touch at the 2017 POPAI Awards

We are delighted to announce that Delta and Lick Creative have picked up two Gold awards at the prestigious 2017 POPAI awards! At the black-tie gala dinner, held at London’s Lancaster Hotel, Hasbro’s ‘Palletfest’ display and Weetabix’s ‘Weetabuddies’ unit both won Gold, with our work on Weetabix also earning recognition in the Display of the Year category (Silver).

The Hasbro unit, winner in the ‘Entertainment & Leisure’ category, was designed to stand out in the crowded Toy Aisle in Tesco. Using oversized headers we were able to create memorable moments for shoppers, which resulted in a 35% YOY uplift in sales.

The Judges had this to say:

A great piece of P-O-P designed to appeal to parents and children alike on different shopper missions, with the top branding element a strong signpost for children. A very effective, scalable solution that could be applied to any of the Hasbro toy ranges, and which achieved great performance results.

Weetabix’s in store campaign, winner in the ‘Temporary Display (Grocery)’ category, was designed to create aspirational displays for people who wanted to be healthier in January as well as encourage children to be drawn to the brand with the fun aspect of the campaign. The units were installed in 50 different Tesco stores and saw a 54% uplift in sales where a FSDU was placed.

The Judges mentioned:

Impactful Weetabix branding and a strong call to action with links to above-the-line activity. Bold use of colour and shape plus sheer visual dominance give this display powerful in-store impact.

We would like to thank the creative team at Lick for their designs and concepts, which were brought to life by the Delta Structural team and Delta Production staff.

October 4, 2017 | Blog