Consumer trends 2018: is all shopping centred on an emotional need state? (The Drum)

Mark Sibborn, Managing Director of Delta’s dedicated connected shopper agency, Lick Creative, has written a feature for the Drum highlighting 2018’s key consumer trends! Check out a snippet from the feature here:

20 years ago the Harvard Business Review published a paper that still resonates loudly with us today. Its title was ‘Welcome to the Experience Economy’.

Amusingly, they represented the entire history of economic progress through the evolution of a birthday cake, starting with mothers making cakes from their own farm’s ingredients, through to the local soft play area, ending with hosting the entire party and throwing in a cake for free.

While we are not economists, the salient point is that experience was and continues to be, everything. This applies even more so to the modern-day shopper. Their need for sensorial, physical and emotional interactions with the brand they buy and the store they shop at is growing exponentially.

Is it possible, we asked ourselves, to encapsulate all our observed consumer trends under just one area: emotional connection? We believe so, and it’s not a big leap to state that all shopping is centred on an emotional need state.

So let’s start with the customer journey…

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December 11, 2017 | Blog