Asda: Halloween Campaign 2014

We worked together with agency Gratterpalm to create an immersive Halloween experience within Asda that set a new standard for seasonal event campaigns and won the prestigious ‘Display of the Year Award’ at the 2014 POPAIs.

Asda challenged us with creating an impactful campaign that appealed to all customer demographics and promoted a prominent value message, whilst being bigger and better than ever before, and delivering on their strong personality.

We incorporated a variety of elements including extensively constructed 3D headers where characters appeared to burst into the aisle, hanging grids representing ceiling beams, and a set of speakers playing a voiceover and spooky music, completely transforming each store into “The Big Shop of Horrors.”

This thrilling shopping experience was rolled out into all 565 Asda stores, with a total of 79,691 items of POS being produced across 106 elements types. Asda measured high customer awareness and an increase in purchases and maintained their position as a market leader in seasonal events. The campaign went on to win two Golds at the POPAI Awards, including one of the top honours given in the industry: the Display of the Year award.

January 22, 2015 | Our Work